Luka Doncic banks halfcourt shot in NBA Rising Stars Game, and Trae Young can't believe it

CHICAGO -- Luka Doncic is a borderline MVP candidate this season, and was voted as a starter for Sunday night's NBA All-Star Game, but he's still only in his second year in the league, which means he's also playing in the Rising Stars Game on Friday night. And it didn't take him long to get he crowd off its feet. 

Late in the first half, Doncic, representing the World team, brought the ball up the floor, and even though there was plenty of time for him to push the ball into the frontcourt, he dragged things out so he could launch a halfcourt heave. It is an exhibition, after all. As he let it fly, Trae Young gave a halfhearted swipe at the ball, then the two young stars both stood and watched as the shot sailed to the rim. 

A few seconds later, they collapsed into each other's arms, smiling and laughing after it hit glass and fell through the net. 

The shot was sweet, but we've seen halfcourt heaves before. What really made the moment was their reaction. 


Fittingly, Young will also be in the starting lineup with Doncic for Team LeBron on Sunday night. As such, it will only be the second time that two players under 22 years old were selected to start the same All-Star Game. The other was Kobe Bryant and Kevin Garnett back in 1998. 

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