Magic Johnson: LeBron James will be model for young Lakers on how to 'dominate' on and off court

The Los Angeles Lakers' front office leadership held a joint press conference on Thursday afternoon. President of basketball operations Magic Johnson and general manager Rob Pelinka fielded questions from the media on everything from the team's controversial offseason acquisitions to the health of Lonzo Ball

Of course, they also talked about their one extremely non-controversial signing, LeBron James. And, unsurprisingly, it was all praise. Perhaps most notably, Johnson -- who is a successful businessman -- noted how LeBron will be a role model for the young Lakers not only on the court, but off it as well.

Additionally, Johnson noted how much of a joy LeBron has been to watch during informal scrimmages with his teammates. He also told a pretty funny story about "The King" calling his shot against Kyle Kuzma. As transcribed by USA Today:

"It's just beautiful to watch him play," Johnson told reporters. "It's just fun how he rallies everybody. He's like a magnet and everybody, it's just beautiful to see him think 3 or 4 plays ahead. And you get to just see it. 

There was a play today and Kuz, everybody, knew it was game point. So LeBron got it and we saw him just say 'I'm about to take Kuz, I'mma get to my spot and then launch this 3 point right in his face.' Sure enough, he came down, gave a little fake and then Rob said, why you go for the fake and Kuz was just like… LeBron just pulled it, all net. That's the greatness of LeBron. That's going to rub off on a Kuzma. When you play with someone great everyday, that makes you better.

That's a tough one for Kuzma, but at least once the season starts he'll get to watch and cheer when LeBron does that to other teams. 

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