Marc Gasol has an interesting landing spot in mind for his brother Pau Gasol

Pau Gasol will be a free agent this summer and all signs point to him leaving the Chicago Bulls. One of the teams expected to pursue him this summer is the Memphis Grizzlies. However, during the Grizzlies' end-of-season availability, his brother Marc Gasol had an interesting comment on what he thinks his big bro will do. 

Now that is interesting.

This makes sense on a lot of levels. Gasol has been fairly transparent in recent interviews about wanting to play for a contender again, about how special those types of teams are. The Spurs are obviously a title contender, and a special breed of that with their prolonged excellence. There's also a cultural fit. The Spurs are multi-national, with an established globalist culture. They've had guys from every continent and dozens of countries go through their locker rooms, and they embrace that multi-culturalism. That's going to speak to the worldly Gasol, and his love of opera and the finer things in life will blend smoothly with the team and its personalities.

On the basketball side, while a Gasol-Aldridge frontcourt could face issues with defensive mobility, it's incredibly long and absurdly skilled. There's verticality there for days, and their ability to stretch the floor and dominate in the post offensively would be a killer combo. You could bring Gasol off the bench with Boban Marjanovic for a similar effect, or pair him with Boris Diaw moving Gasol to center.

Gasol isn't what he once was but there's no question that if his brother's right and he's interested in playing for the Spurs, it would benefit both sides.

Pau Gasol could be a fit in San Antonio.  (USATSI)
Pau Gasol could be a fit in San Antonio.(USATSI)

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