Marc Gasol trade deadline rumors: Grizzlies intent on keeping big man despite offers

The Grizzlies have endured a rough season. Marc Gasol hasn't been able to carry a roster that's just not good enough -- and too injured -- to win games. Mike Conley has been out for the majority of the season, and anything that can go wrong in Memphis has.

It would make sense if the Grizzlies chose to blow everything up, trade Gasol and jump-start a rebuild for the future. However, it doesn't appear that they'll be going that route anytime soon. According to Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN, teams that are calling the Grizzlies about Gasol are being shut down.

Gasol is someone that, if he were moved, could change a team's entire season. He's a former Defensive Player of The Year and All-NBA team member. It's no surprise that, amidst a rough season, teams would at least be calling the Grizzlies to see if they're willing to part with the star big man.

The problem is that, because he's a star, Memphis is going to have a very hard time moving on from him. Even at 33, he's still a skilled player and someone the Grizzlies heavily rely on. There are few guarantees in the NBA when it comes to landing stars so it makes sense that the Grizzlies would want to hold on to Gasol as long as possible.

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