Marcin Gortat turned down October extension offer from Suns

Gortat rejected an extension off from the Suns earlier this year. (Getty Images)

The Suns and Marcin Gortat have a tenuous relationship at the moment. Gortat has seen less of the offense this year, and the team's performance has fluctuated. And it would appear there is a disconnect between what the two sides see as the market value for the "Polish Hammer," as well. From the Arizona Republic

Suns center Marcin Gortat said he turned down a multiyear contract extension offer in October from the Suns, clarifying what he told a Polish website,

“We just said we’re going to wait,” Gortat said. “I want to finish this contract, and we’ll see where I go from there. It didn’t even bother me or change anything in my attitude or performance. The thing I’m concentrating is coming back to dominating the game and getting back to being a defensive spark.”

via Phoenix Suns’ Marcin Gortat: No extension until present deal up.

The Suns are keeping their options open and, depending on how this year goes, could be facing a pretty drastic reorganization of their roster. They're not cap-clear nor cap-loaded. Keeping their options open is a pretty good idea, but they also wanted to get Gortat long-term. It remains to be seen if he can play center for a team literally and figuratively, going forward. The Suns are on a bit of a hot streak at the moment but have not seemed like a playoff team in the early going this season. 

Gortat is averaging 11.9 points and 9.1 rebounds per game in 31.8 minutes this season with an 18.8 PER. 

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