Marcin Gortat unhappy with his role for Wizards

Marcin Gortat wants the ball closer to the rim.  (USATSI)
Marcin Gortat wants the ball closer to the rim. (USATSI)

Marcin Gortat is a pretty candid dude. He's always been transparent and open about things going on with the team, his status in trade talks, etc. And apparently that extends to being unhappy with how he's being used in Washington, where the Wizards are falling apart. 

“I don’t like the position I play,” Gortat said after scoring just six points on 3-of-10 shooting in the Wizards’ 113-96 loss on Saturday at Verizon Center. “I’m constantly drifting more and more away from the basket.  That’s not my game.  I’m capable of making one or two plays like that away from the basket, but I feel more comfortable underneath the basket.”

Nearly 37 percent (84 of 228) of Gortat’s shots this season have come outside the paint, which is much higher than his previous two seasons in Phoenix. 

“I just think I have to talk to Coach and clear things up and make sure we are on the same page,” Gortat said.

via Wizards’ Marcin Gortat seeking more inside touches.

Funny story: 

His number are up year over year in every meaningful category. The team is +2.9 per 100 possessions with him on the floor, 16 points better than with him off of it. The Wizards have their second-highest points per possession with him on the floor, and one of the best defensive marks. 

He's having a good season! And he's still flipping out over this. But wait, it gets better:

Oh, so he's saying that a well-respected reporter for the Washington Post either made up or misinterpreted these quotes. Well, I mean, it's possible. You can understand him being defensive if so. I mean, it's not like he said it in a scrum interview and so someone else has the quo...

"I just don't like the position I play. I'm constantly drifting more and more away from the basket. Quite honestly, that's not my game. I'm capable of making or two plays like that but I feel more comfortable underneath the basket," Gortat said. "I just got to talk to coach and clear things up. Just make sure we're on the same page." 

via Wake-up call: Gortat unhappy with role | Comcast SportsNet Washington.


Look, the Wizards problems are myriad and significant. But Gortat is not one of them. This team goes as John Wall does. I'm not saying that Randy Wittman has been lights out as head coach, but "let's make sure we get Gortat the ball in the post" should not be a priority right now. 

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