Mario Chalmers: '[Flopping] happened a lot' in Game 1

Mario Chalmers struggled with foul trouble in Game 1 against the Spurs.  (USATSI)
Mario Chalmers (15) struggled with foul trouble in Game 1. (USATSI)

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SAN ANTONIO -- Two days after foul trouble limited him in Game 1 of the NBA Finals, Heat guard Mario Chalmers admitted to confusion when Spurs players randomly fall to the ground, or "flop" when contact is made. 

"It can be [confusing when players randomly fall] at times," Chalmers said Saturday. "It happened a lot in the first game, kind of went both ways. It's part of the game now so you have to adjust to it."

Chalmers picked up five fouls in just 13 minutes of play in Game 1. He was caught in a transition play having to foul Tim Duncan off a pass from Tony Parker, hit with a charge when Manu Ginobili stepped in, and trucked Boris Diaw coming off a screen. He also got hit with one on this play, which was clearly a foul, even if Ginobili probably didn't need to fall down to draw it. 

Miami had 21 fouls to San Antonio's 14 in Game 1. 

When asked how to stay out of foul trouble in Game 2, Chalmers said, "I'm still trying to figure that out. I've just to be more aware, try and play as solid as possible." 

I asked Chalmers if at this point, flopping is a skill you have to develop in the league in order to draw contact and get fouls. 

"I don't know but I need to find out the secret to help me out," Chalmers joked. 

Game 2 is Sunday in San Antonio.

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