Mark Cuban and Chandler Parsons are still friends after free agency

The NBA is a business. That's what you often hear when teams or players make decisions that change their place of employment. Players know they can be traded at any time and can't have their feelings hurt in the process (even if that's not always so easy). Teams know that players can decide they want to go play somewhere else when they hit free agency. That can affect the concept and perception of loyalty among players and franchises. Either way, player movement is just part of the business.

Sometimes it can leave feelings of ill will between the two parties, but that's not happening with the Dallas Mavericks and Chandler Parsons. Mavs owner Mark Cuban was on CBS Radio's 105.3 The Fan in Dallas and was asked about Parsons and his decision this summer to sign with the Memphis Grizzlies. He was pretty matter of fact about still remaining friends with Parsons and legitimately hoping for the best for him, except when he plays the Mavs during the season. Via SportsDay:

"I'm still good friends with Chandler. We talked about it after he signed with Memphis. We exchanged texts and stayed friends and committed to stay friends. I like him a lot but there were other things other than basketball that went into the decision. And Chandler was aware of them and he made his decision. We gave him some options and he went in a different direction. That was his choice and I respect it and again, I think he's a great guy and I hope he has a great season other than the four games we play him."
You can't stop these two from still being bros. USATSI

Shortly after Parsons became a restricted free agent with the Houston Rockets back in 2014, Cuban was taking selfies with the forward in a club after agreeing to a big offer sheet. The Rockets eventually declined to match as they jumped through some salary cap hoops to try to add another star. Ever since then, Parsons and Cuban have appeared from afar to be inseparable -- or as inseparable as an owner and player can be. It makes sense too because a lot of players enjoy the company of Parsons.

He was a big recruiter back in 2013 for the Rockets when Dwight Howard was a free agent. Parsons helped convince Howard to sign with Houston when he left the Los Angeles Lakers. He was once again a big recruiting weapon last summer when DeAndre Jordan verbally agreed to sign with the Mavs during the free agency moratorium before he backed out and returned to the Los Angeles Clippers.

However, Parsons had a chance to take advantage of a salary cap spike this summer and the Mavs had certain directions they wanted to take the team. It complicated the idea of keeping him on the roster, especially after Memphis offered him $94 million over four years. Now he and Cuban will just be friends from a distance, which is good considering how much of a business this whole thing remains to be.

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