Mark Cuban: DeAndre Jordan's apology to Mavs not a real apology

It took two days, but DeAndre Jordan finally reached out to Mark Cuban and the Dallas Mavericks. Tweeting a public apology, Jordan expressed remorse about going back on his word. However, according to ESPN's Tim MacMahon, Jordan has still not directly communicated with Cuban, which is why the Mavs owner is not believing the Clippers center's apology.

"When is an apology not an apology?" Cuban wrote on July 11 via Cyber Dust. "When you didn't write it yourself. Next"

Harsh? Perhaps.

Harsher than how Jordan treated the Mavs? Probably not.

Cuban is probably right though. More than likely, Jordan had his management craft his two-tweet apology. There is nothing wrong with that, as players often have help with public statements. Of course, to Cuban's point it does make Jordan's apology a bit less genuine. 

It does seem like Cuban has moved on from Jordan, but the two will forever be linked as this incident will be brought up again and again. Especially whenever the Clippers play the Mavs.

DeAndre Jordan's apology was not accepted by Mark Cuban.
DeAndre Jordan's apology was not accepted by Mark Cuban. (USATSI)
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