Mark Cuban doesn't embrace Power Balance deal, blasts NBA

This might shock you, but Mark Cuban has an opinion about something and isn't being shy.

Cuban called one of the NBA's marketing agreements a "scam" and has banned the product from the Mavericks' locker room. The product in question? Power Balance bracelets.

The rubber bracelets have a hologram on them that is "based on eastern philosophies of health and wellness," according to the company's website. The NBA has a deal with the company that sells bracelets with NBA team logos on them for $32.99 on the league's official website.

In a YouTube video, Cuban grabs a box and throws all the bracelets in the trash saying, "See this stuff? It was a scam when they were on Shark Tank. It's still a scam. I don't care if the NBA was dumb enough to sign an agreement; this is going where it belongs."

Cuban told ESPN Dallas in an email that he wouldn't allow the bracelets in his team's locker room.

"What are you thinking, NBA?" Cuban said in the video.

Power Balance was also briefly held the naming rights to the Sacramento Kings' arena (now called Sleep Train Arena).

In November 2011, Power Balance reportedly agreed to a $57 million settlement to a class-action false advertising lawsuit by some customers who alleged that the company intentionally embellished the bracelets' ability to improve balance, flexibility and strength. Or as Cuban called it, "a scam."

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