Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Amari Cooper had himself a Thanksgiving with 180 yards and two touchdowns against the Washington Redskins on Thursday night, and he broke out a bit of basketball action to celebrate his second score, shooting a mock free throw with the football.

As Cooper delivered the pretend foul shot over the goalpost, however, he hesitated in actually shooting the ball with the slightest bobble. It was a scene that, for Philadelphia 76ers fans, likely evoked memories of Markelle Fultz, the team's embattled former No. 1 overall draft pick who's made headlines for unorthodox free-throw techniques as of late.

It seemed like a weird coincidence, especially because, upon closer inspection, Cooper even appeared to mimic Fultz's back-and-forth ball toss before shooting -- a move that had Sixers fans up in arms about Philly's troubled point guard.

And yet, believe it or not, it now appears as if it was not a coincidence at all.

Fultz himself has since retweeted video of Cooper's celebration, and a separate video has surfaced from a Snapchat story -- a clip in which Fultz and friends watch, admire and laugh about Cooper's free throw, with a "Good shot boy" caption to go with it.

If that doesn't confirm that Amari Cooper, for whatever reason, opted to imitate Markelle Fultz during his celebration, then what does? The greatest -- or weirdest -- thing about all of it, though, is that Fultz has apparently commented on this. Good for him and his friends, we suppose, but laughing about an NFL player who is mimicking your broken shooting technique on national TV? That's just a little bit odd, and yet it's exactly what you'd expect from a situation that gets odder by the day.

Fultz, remember, is smack dab in the middle of a months-long controversy surrounding his ability -- or lack thereof -- to shoot a basketball, which is obviously a problem for a guy who plays in the NBA. Just days ago, he was set to leave the 76ers on his own accord in order to see a medical specialist in regards to a shoulder problem that he publicly downplayed earlier this season. A report by The Athletic on Wednesday indicated Fultz is also dealing with a problematic wrist and would prefer to be traded after more than a year of mysterious ineptitude in Philadelphia.