Markelle Fultz rejoins Sixers, still listed as 'out' after 'minimal' basketball activity

After traveling to Kentucky to rehab his shoulder, Markelle Fultz has returned to the Philadelphia 76ers. However, it does not seem that the No. 1 overall pick is likely to get into a game anytime soon. 

Fultz is still officially listed as "out," and according to 76ers coach Brett Brown, the basketball work he did back at the Sixers facility on Wednesday was "minimal." Via NBA Sports Philadelphia: 

Markelle Fultz is back … from Kentucky. The No. 1 pick has returned from rehabbing his right shoulder and remains listed as out. 

Fultz traveled last week to receive physical therapy for soreness and scapular muscle imbalance with Dr. Ben Kibler, Medical Director of the Shoulder Center of Kentucky at the Lexington Clinic. 

Brett Brown described Fultz's basketball activity at the Sixers' training complex on Wednesday as "minimal." The team announced on Nov. 19 he would be reevaluated in "approximately two to three weeks." 

"We are just happy to have him back," Brown said after practice. "I felt like I haven't seen him in a long time."

This Sunday will be three weeks from when the Sixers said Fultz would be evaluated in "approximately two to three weeks," so it seems there will be some sort of update soon about what the next step is for the rookie. 

It's been swept under the rug a bit because the Sixers have been playing well (currently fifth in the East at 13-10), but the saga with Fultz's shoulder and shooting motion at the beginning of the season was one of the strangest NBA storylines in the past few years. 

He hasn't gotten on the court since Oct. 23, and at this point seems to be following in the footsteps of the many Sixers rookies before him who didn't play in their first season. Hopefully, however, there will be a good update about Fultz's shoulder in the coming days or weeks. 

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