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Marvin Bagley III's tumultuous time in Sacramento seems like it may be finally coming to an end. The former No. 2 overall pick, who has been out of the rotation and is hitting restricted free agency in the summer, reportedly refused to check into the Kings' recent game against the Phoenix Suns

As a result, trade rumors involving him have picked up. One specific team to keep an eye on in any future Bagley talks is the Detroit Pistons. They have been closely following the big man since last season, according to Marc Stein:

While in Detroit, I was advised to put the Pistons down as a team to watch as a trade suitor for the Kings' disgruntled Marvin Bagley III.

No trade anywhere is considered likely, sources stressed, until after Dec. 15 arrives and the league's pool of players eligible to be dealt grows considerably. That's the date that trade restrictions on numerous players who signed new contracts in free agency in August gets lifted. 

The Pistons, though, have been tracking Bagley since last season, league sources said — long before the No. 2 overall pick in the 2018 fell completely out of favor in Sacramento.

The Kings' decision to keep Bagley out of the rotation -- he's played just 10 minutes this season -- is the latest source of frustration for the big man, who has never been able to find his way with the organization. His agent, Jeff Schwartz, called out the Kings earlier this season for the way they've handled Bagley. 

"Sacramento has informed Marvin Bagley he is not in the opening night rotation, which is completely baffling," Schwartz said. "It's clear they have no plans for him in the future, and yet, passed on potential deals at last year's deadline and this summer based on 'value.' Instead, they chose to bring him back but not play him, a move completely contradictory to their 'value' argument. This is a case study in mismanagement by the Kings organization."

Between injuries, the COVID-19 pandemic and poor performance, Bagley has played just 119 games in three-plus seasons with the Kings, averaging 14.4 points and 7.5 rebounds. There's zero chance he'll re-sign there in the offseason, and a trade would make sense for both parties. Getting one done, however, could prove difficult considering the Kings' lack of leverage and how much Bagley has struggled at times early in his career, especially on the defensive end. 

A young team like the Pistons that needs as much talent as it can get probably makes the most sense. We've already seen them pick up former lottery picks like Josh Jackson, and Bagley would be another player that fits that reclamation project mold.