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Marvin Bagley III hasn't played enough NBA basketball for anyone to make any concrete statements about what he is or isn't as a player, but we know one thing for sure: To this point, Bagley has been one of the league's unluckiest players. Not only can the poor guy not stay healthy, but the player who got drafted one pick after him, Luka Doncic, just happened to turn into an almost immediate superstar, making Bagley look laughably worse by comparison. 

Fewer than three years after passing on Doncic, the Kings are reportedly already trying to trade Bagley, which would officially cement one of the all-time NBA Draft blunders. It tells you everything you need to know about how disappointing the first two-plus seasons of Bagley's career have been that Sacramento can't find a taker. 

Sam Amick of The Athletic reported that Sacramento offered Bagley to Atlanta in an attempt to lure John Collins. The Hawks said no. Chris Haynes of Yahoo Sports reported the Kings also tried to trade Bagley to the Pistons for rookie Saddiq Bey. Detroit said no. 

In today's NBA, a big man, at a minimum, almost has to be able to stretch the floor as a shooter or protect the rim. That Bagley hasn't shown a consistent ability to do either -- though he's actually at 35 percent from beyond the arc this season on over two attempts per game -- makes his future value murky at best. 

It's interesting that Bagley was offered for Collins, because from a skillset standpoint, Collins feels like the type of player Bagley could still become. They're both terrific athletes who can put the ball on the floor and get to the rim; if Bagley can develop a consistent 3-point shot and become a passable defender the way Collins has, you can see the similarities. 

Right now, Bagley just has to find a way to stay on the court. He's played just 112 career games, the third-lowest amount of any 2018 lottery pick, and 62 of those came in his rookie season. Bagley played just 13 games last year. His latest injury is a broken hand, which happened on March 15. 

Bad luck again. Bagley was actually starting to find a groove. Bagley had scored in double digits in 14 straight games prior to his injury. Over that span, he was averaging over 16 points and seven boards on 55 percent shooting by the field. 

We'll see if Sacramento can find a trade partner, but either way, this does not feel like a relationship with a future. Bagley may eventually find his footing with another team, but in Sacramento, his fate is pretty much sealed as the guy who got drafted over Luka Doncic.