Even with all of the trades and free agent signings, one of the biggest stories this summer was the possibility of LeBron James leaving the Cleveland Cavaliers again in free agency next summer. With the Cavs off to a horrendous 3-5 start that has them looking nothing like a contender, those rumors aren't going to slow down any time soon.

But while the media and fans can speculate all they want, James' business partner, Maverick Carter, says even James doesn't know what he wants to do yet, and he won't make up his mind until about one week after the season ends. In response to a question about James' future, Carter told Rich Eisen, "he never starts thinking about it before the end of the season." 

Carter's full answer:

"He never starts thinking about it before the end of the season, Carter said. "Whenever their season ends and hopefully it's in June for his sake and the sake of his family because he goes crazy at home, usually a week after. Decompresses, lets it all calm down and then a week after. Sometimes he can take a little longer but at least a week after." 

As for where James might play, Carter reiterated that it's all about winning. He can sell shoes anywhere, he can hold meetings anywhere, but he can't win anywhere. 

"Could he sell a few more sneakers if he was in a gigantic market like Boston, Chicago, New York, or L.A.? Maybe. But not as much as if he wins. What matters the most is if he wins. When you win as an athlete that matters the most.

I understand people keep saying that and thinking that. But the reason it doesn't make sense is because if he does play in L.A. or he plays on the moon he can only shoot movies for three months. It doesn't matter. Even if he played in L.A. and wanted to be in a movie, he can't shoot from basically September to June.

He also could (take a meeting) from anywhere in the world. And we're doing fine without him living here and playing here. He has a home here in the offseason, lives in L.A. in the offseason, our company we have 10 shows in deals, two shows with Netflix, a show with HBO and none of them are starring him. He's just the E.P. (Executive Producer) on them running the company and founder of the company with me so the company doesn't need him to be here. If he wants to act in movies it doesn't matter because he only gets three months a year to do it anyway, no matter where he plays."

If being able to win will truly be the deciding factor for where James plays next season, then that makes this awful start by the Cavs even that much worse. Even if they're still able to put things together enough come playoff time to win the East, this does not appear to be a team that will put up any sort of meaningful fight against the Warriors

And worst of all for the Cavs, this is a team cobbled together with a bunch of vets that aren't getting any younger, and aren't getting any better. With an aging roster, the Cavs' problems this season would likely only be worse next season. That doesn't bode well for winning, and it doesn't bode well for keeping James happy and in Cleveland.