With Mavericks forward Dirk Nowitzki nearing the end of his 17th season in the NBA, he said his recent play has provided confidence he can continue to produce at a high level, reports The Dallas Morning News.

"You know, all the work I put in last summer, I felt amazing in November, so when I went through these droughts here, starting in December and then I couldn't really turn the corner again, there's doubt creeping in," Nowitzki said. "But in my head I was saying, 'I felt amazing in November, I played amazing, I felt amazing, I moved great, I shot great. Just hopefully eventually get over everything in my body and feel good again and then I still think you can play at a high level.'"

Nowitzki's efficiently has increased as the season comes to a close, which he said was perfect timing for the playoffs.

“To me, it obviously couldn't have happened at a better time," he said. "Usually I'm a big fan of springtime, it gets warmer out, the feel of it and the playoffs around the corner is usually my time so I'm glad it happened around the right time."

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