Mark Jackson's 1990 basketball card is a largely uninteresting piece of memorabilia. Or at least it was until Reddit user Pirate-Redbeard discovered that the Menendez brothers -- who infamously were convicted of murdering their parents in 1989 -- appear to be sitting in the background of the card.

To make things crazier, the card's photo feasibly would have been taken between the date of the murders (Aug. 20, 1989) and the time they were arrested on March 8, 1990.

According to Action Network's Darren Rovell, the timeline tracks.

You can find the thread here, but there is some NSFW language.

Super-seller Burbank Sportcards is currently selling the card for $25 on eBay, and 182 have been sold as of Monday morning. Every listing of the card that has cropped up mentions the Menendez brothers appearing in the background.

The brothers weren't initially seen as suspects in the murder of their wealthy parents, but their outrageous spending put them on authorities' radars in 1990. Apparently, Knicks tickets were part of that spending.

The brothers were convicted in 1996, and they're now serving life in prison without parole. Jackson, of course, played five seasons with the Knicks and was an All-Star in 1989 before spending the rest of his career as a journeyman. Jackson coached the Golden State Warriors from 2011-2014, and he's now a broadcaster with ESPN.