Miami airport thanks Dwyane Wade for staying 'home'

The Miami airport hung this banner up, thanking Dwyane Wade for "staying home" after Wade elected to re-sign with the Heat this summer, as opposed to LeBron James, who, you know, didn't, and re-signed instead with his "home." 

Wade's home is actually Chicago, or at least it was until Wade was drafted, and James' was Akron, Ohio, not Cleveland, but the sentiment is the same. I do find it funny that the sign is at the airport which essentially means Miami-Dade is thanking him for staying home right as he prepares to leave and not be home. These are temporary trips, but still. Oh, one more note from his Instagram page:

That's actually a pretty big deal. Wade's best chance of prolonging his career is to diet like so many aging stars have done and lower the weight he's carrying on his injured knees.

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