The Miami Heat announced Wednesday that Chris Bosh will not return for the 2016 NBA playoffs due to his continuing battle with a blood-clot-related condition. 

The Miami HEAT and Chris Bosh announce that Chris will not be playing in the remainder of the 2016 NBA Playoffs. The HEAT, Chris, the doctors and medical team have been working together throughout this process and will continue to do so to return Chris to playing basketball as soon as possible.

This is the first time the Heat have issued a statement formally shutting down Bosh for the postseason after he first left action at the All-Star Break. Bosh has continued to receive treatment and has actually been doing work in a gym taking shots. Bosh has been pushing the Heat to allow him to play and it was reported that after several different opinions, finally found a doctor who would clear him to return to action. 

The Heat, on the other hand, have remained steadfast in their resistance to Bosh returning to basketball activities. Bosh's wife has taken to social media to apply pressure to the team to clear her husband for a return and Bosh reached out to the NBPA for help facilitating a conversation to try and get himself back on the floor for the playoffs. Bosh spoke to the team prior to the playoffs and seemed to indicate that he couldn't return

This is pretty clearly an attempt by Miami to put the issue to bed and close off distractions, but questions still remain about why Bosh hasn't been cleared and why Bosh, a rational, logical person overall, has been so insistent about his return, if indeed his life is still in danger, as the Miami's announcement seems to suggest. Bosh's status for the rest of the playoffs may be settled, but this situation remains fluid with a lot of issues as yet unresolved. 

Chris Bosh
Chris Bosh will not be suiting up for Miami this postseason. (USATSI)