This month, NBA teams have been revealing their alternate "City Edition" jerseys and some have been better than others, to say the very least. The Miami Heat are the latest to reveal what their newest jerseys will look like and the fans are showing an outpouring of love for the "ViceWave" look.

The Heat dropped the look in a video on social media on Monday with the caption, "The era continues..." and announced they will be available for purchase Tuesday night at midnight. 

The groovy video with the catchy music and fun graphics make the reveal that much better.

They posted a second video with other players sporting the new look: 

The uniform is presented on the website saying:

"Welcome to a celebration of Miami's sunnier side. No velvet ropes or VIP's here— just sun sea and sky. This is our city, beyond the glitz and glam. This is our home, as the natives know it. This is ViceWave."

Taking a closer look at the jersey, the three-toned lettering creates a 3-D look that complements the bright base color of the jersey well. 

Teams have often fallen into the trap of playing it too safe and sticking with a design close to their regular jerseys, or doing too much that it overwhelms the look. 

The Heat played right in the middle of that, making sure they had a bold pink and "blue gale" look that was not too busy that it took away from the color scheme or lettering. 

The Heat's press release said of the jerseys: "ViceWave is the continuing evolution of the enormously successful Vice campaign. ViceWave shifts the action from Miami at night neons to the sun-soaked brightness of South Beach afternoon, with the color 'Blue Gale' taking center stage."

The jersey will debut on Nov. 29 against the Golden State Warriors