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Michael Jordan's former agent David Falk joined Scott Van Pelt on SportsCenter to discuss all things Jordan and to talk about what set him apart on and off the court. NBA fans have been treated to "The Last Dance" documentary, a 10-part series bringing never before seen video into people's living rooms. The documentary paints a picture of who the often private player was during his time with the Bulls, and gives a behind-the-scenes look into his life and career.

Falk says there are two groups of NBA players, Jordan, and everyone else behind him. 

He said what separated No. 23 was not just his physical ability.

Falk said:

"When you watch this doc, and I'm very biased because Michael is my friend, if you are not legally blind and you watch this ten hours and don't realize this is the greatest player of all time, you should probably start watching roller derby." 

He believes this series should leave everyone quite certain of who the greatest NBA player of all time is.

"What really made Michael Jordan the incredible GOAT of all time. It wasn't simply his jumping ability, it wasn't his speed, it was his mind. He had the most incredible physiological approach to the game and that elevated him to a level that I don't think will ever be repeated." he said.

Much of the footage used in the series is not new, and when asked why Jordan finally decided to allow it all to be released Falk said, "I just think he got to the point where, he's 57 years old, he wanted to see this story told."

Falk says he was not completely surprised byhow much Jordan let people see his true emotions, saying he was always "very comfortable with who he is."

Here is how to watch the 10-part series.