Michael Sam met with Jason Collins before coming out as gay

Collins has spoken to Michael Sam about his news. (USATSI)
Jason Collins has spoken to Michael Sam about his news. (USATSI)

Big news broke Sunday when Missouri football player and 2014 NFL Draft prospect Michael Sam came out as a homosexual. He's expected to be drafted somewhere in the middle rounds of this May's draft, which would make him the first openly gay, active athlete in any of the major North American sports.

NBA big man Jason Collins publicly unveiled his sexual orientation last April as he was becoming an unrestricted free agent at the age of 34. He hasn't been signed, not even to a 10-day contract, during the offseason nor this current regular season. However, Collins did tweet that he met with Sam before his announcement this past weekend. 

Collins has played 12 years in the NBA, and is eligible to be signed at any point in the season in order to help a team in the playoffs, because he has been a free agent this entire time. Players on rosters during the season must be released or waived before March 1 to be eligible to join a team and be able to play in the postseason. As of right now, there aren't any teams rumored to be looking for Collins' services. 

(H/T - ProBasketballTalk)

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