Mike Woodson fined for criticizing officials

Mike Woodson wants more whistles for Carmelo Anthony.  (USATSI)
Mike Woodson wants more whistles for Carmelo Anthony. (USATSI)

The NBA announced Friday that it fined Knicks coach Mike Woodson $25,000 for public criticism of officials. On ESPN Radio this week, Woodson said his superstar Carmelo Anthony doesn't get the same kind of calls other stars. From Newsday

Mike Woodson believes that Carmelo Anthony isn't getting the favorable whistles many superstars get from the referees.

"Absolutely not," Woodson said Thursday on ESPN Radio. "I'm not going to shy away from that either. I think Melo gets hit more than ever."

"I've been at this thing 30 years," Woodson said. "Sometimes I'm starting to wonder what's a foul and what's not a foul. What are you going to do? They can't see everything and I understand that. Sometimes they miss calls. I thought he got bumped on it. Hell, he didn't get the call so we have to move on."

via Mike Woodson cries foul over refs' treatment of Carmelo Anthony.

Among player shooting at least 15 times per game, Anthony averaged the fifth most free throws per game of any player. He's also fourth in percentage of possessions resulting in personal fouls drawn. Still there's a perception that for as much as Melo plays inside in the post, attacking the rim, he should have more charity trips to his credit.

The fine's pretty standard for any criticism of officials, and if it helps Woodson get the calls he feels Anthony deserves, he'll happily take it. 

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