Mike Woodson" 'No chance' Lin plays in playoffs first round

Jeremy Lin is out for the first round of the playoffs. (Getty Images)
We told you on Tuesday that the New York Post reported Jeremy Lin had swelling in his knee and would be out three more weeks. No matter how long Lin is out for in actuality, we know one thing. He will not make an impact against the Knicks' first-round opponent. 

So that's a bummer. 

Lin was slowed alive in his only games vs. the Heat, but with Baron Davis and Mike Bibby not exactly turning the world upside down, and with the Knicks needing something, anything to create space against Miami or Chicago, it's still a big loss. 

Then again, the Knicks have primarily become a "give the ball to Melo and watch him work/catch it when he kicks it to you" team since Mike Woodson took over, so maybe Lin wouldn't have changed much. Either way, Linsanity will not be happening in the first round.
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