Monty Williams says Jordan played against men, LeBron against boys

Men among men?   (Getty Images)
Men among men? (Getty Images)

From Hornets 247: 

I asked Monty whether or not LeBron dominates games the same way that Jordan does, given that he played against both, and the response was stellar– “Jordan played against men. LeBron plays against young boys. That’s the difference.”

via Monty Williams says LeBron “Plays Against Young Boys”, Jordan “Played Against Men” | New Orleans Hornets |

And there were handcheck rules. 

And there were a lot better quality big men. 

And there weren't the zone restrictions. 

But Williams, like so many, misses the big point. Comparing James to Jordan is apples to oranges. One was the greatest single competitor of all time and the greatest individual scorer. He was a tremendous all-around player, but his best strengths were in simply beating individual defense into shreds. The rules and schemes also prevented a lot of doubles. James drives to the elbow; he's seeing help. Jordan drove to the elbow; he had a buffet of options. 

And James uses those options. He rebounds, passes, defends, blocks and posts better than Jordan. Jordan can be the better player, but when Jordan entered the post, he was shooting. With James, he can pass, score, and if he misses a shot, rebound and put it back up. He's more versatile; Jordan was more singularly awesome. 

And despite all the backlash against James' comments this week, he's getting hit by Carlos Boozer and Taj Gibson one night, DeAndre Jordan the next, Tyson Chandler the next. 

I would not call those guys boys. 

But Williams is an old-school coach, protective of his era. It is weird how often he goes to the macho route with his comments, though. 

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