Quickly making the transition from playing overseas, Kristaps Porzingis had a sensational rookie season for the New York Knicks. Porzingis is now seen as a young star in the NBA and potential franchise player with the Kincks.

The sky is the limit for the rising star and he has the drive and motivation to reach his full potential. Porzingis' internal drive is pushing him to improve his own game. However, there is another motivating factor -- his NBA 2K rating.

In a post for The Players' Tribune, Porzingis expressed disappointment with his NBA 2K rating and noted that he knows he has to improve because of it:

I'm ready to show more in year two. I am only 80 overall in NBA 2K, so I need to improve.

In terms of personal goals, I can't predict what I'm going to do. There are goals for myself and goals for my team. I believe that we have to make the playoffs, and that's my focus. Just gonna put this out there, though: One day I'd like to get a quadruple double, points, assists, rebounds and blocks.

Eighty is a solid rating, but Porzingis clearly believes in himself and thinks he can be an even better player in the game and in real life. This is obviously great news for the Knicks, who have a lot of belief in their big man. And while a video game may seem like a silly motivating factor, if it helps Porzingis improve then you can't knock it.