NBA 2K17 Trailer shows off new game, new faces, and new jerseys

KD and Russ in 2K17
Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook in 2K17 battle form. 2K Sports

The NBA 2K franchise from 2K Sports has dominated the basketball video game scene since they debuted with Allen Iverson on the cover back in 1999. It's now become an internet viewing event whenever the new trailer for the next installment of the best-selling basketball video game franchise is due out. 2K Sports released their #FRICTION trailer on Monday to the delight of many NBA 2K fans.

It features 3D court intros, new players in new places, brand new jerseys for the upcoming season, cover athlete Paul George of the Indiana Pacers, new celebrations like Los Angeles Lakers' guard D'Angelo Russell saying he has ice water in his veins, and of course the struggle between Golden State Warriors forward Kevin Durant and old Oklahoma City Thunder teammate Russell Westbrook fighting for the ball.

It even looks like there's a dunk team during timeouts. The presentation looks pretty good.

NBA 2K17 will be released on Sept. 20 and pre-orders get the game on Sept. 17.

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