The NBA All-Star Game rosters were announced on Thursday night, and there were some noteworthy takeaways from the squads drafted by captains LeBron James and Stephen Curry.

In addition to the rosters, the uniforms for the ASG were also unveiled. Those unis, which are outfitted by Jordan and sponsored by Kia, are very monochrome. Jay-Z is likely a fan.

The jerseys are fully black and white and feature giant team logos on the front torso. Meanwhile, the backside features large numbers that are the same color as the jersey's primary color, but with the name and number outline in an accented black or white. The player names are underneath the numbers.

Take a look.


They're certainly not the most elaborate or ambitious All-Star Game jerseys that the NBA has ever signed off on. It seems like those who like them will defend their minimalism and simplicity, and those who don't like them will claim they're boring and lazy. The choice is yours.