Kevin Durant was the first pick in the 2018 All-Star Game draft. This wasn't reported or leaked. It didn't finally come out from the captains, LeBron James and Stephen Curry, after endless questions about it. Durant admitted it himself when speaking to media about being selected by Team LeBron for the upcoming All-Star Game.

This could be seen as a surprise, but everybody already knew this. They just needed it confirmed. James had the first pick in the draft and Durant was the most talented player available among the starters. It just made sense for James to take him with his pick. 

Durant being so open about who was taken first raises the question on why the draft wasn't televised. The players seemed to get a kick out of it, but apparently the union wasn't on board with the idea. Durant, to his credit, seems to be having a lot of fun with this. Remember his infamous Players Tribune photo from when he decided to go to the Warriors?

Perhaps Durant can make the game itself fun and do something embarrassing to one of his Warriors teammates, and really embrace his role as a member of Team LeBron.