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Stephen Curry and Damian Lillard routinely push the boundaries of what is possible for shooters, but in normal games, they have to restrain themselves somewhat for the sake of common sense. In an All-Star Game, though? All bets are off, and now that they're playing for the same team, they're free to play off one another in ways we've never seen before. 

At the end of the first half, the two of them put on one of the craziest shooting displays you'll ever see.   

Both of them hit half-court shots to help Team LeBron push their lead up to 20, and Twitter absolutely lost its mind in response to the duo's exploits. Shannon Sharpe even called them the two best shooters in NBA history: 

Give some credit where credit is due. LeBron James picked Lillard and Curry to his team as a captain. He is 3-0 as an All-Star captain and well on his way to win No. 4. 

Draymond Green has spent his entire career playing alongside Curry. Even he was impressed with what his teammate did: 

The basketball world wasn't the only portion of the internet that was impressed. Star NFL wide receiver T.Y. Hilton went crazy for the shooting display as well: 

Would anyone object to the remainder of the game turning into a half-court shoot off between Curry and Lillard? 

Kevin Durant had a chance to pick Lillard as his top reserve, but went with James Harden. Maybe someone should've stepped in and prevented that. 

The two of them are working together flawlessly. 

If we're being absolutely technical, Dame made two mind-boggling shots to Steph's one: 

Of course, Curry has 22 points, second only to Giannis Antetokounmpo for the game, and that likely puts him in pole position for the Kobe Bryant MVP award. No matter who wins it, though, the show Steph and Dame put on toward the end of the first half will be remembered forever.