The NBA's new All-Star voting format garnered interesting results, which were revealed to the public on Thursday. For the second year in a row, votes were pulled from the fans, media and players to determine who would be honored, but this year those players will be placed into a pool and be drafted by two captains (LeBron James and Stephen Curry) that earned the most votes.

There were some discrepancies between the different groups of voters (of which you can learn about here) but, with players getting to participate in the vote, it's entertaining to keep an eye on the oddities and outliers in that subsection of the voting. 

More specifically, it's very amusing to see which players got a single player vote to start (yes, START) the All-Star Game. It's a pretty absurd list, and you can check it out in full below. 

Eastern Conference

Western Conference

Did those players vote for themselves? Were they allowed to do so? If not, did they somehow find a way around it? Or did their teammates do them a favor? Did someone vote for Seth Curry by accident instead of Steph Curry? We all deserve answers. 

Regardless, it appears that players aren't necessarily taking the voting process super seriously. There were also some other players who got multiple head-scratching votes. One of them was Bobby Portis, who got two votes -- presumably from people who really hate Nikola Mirotic

Another was Gordon Hayward, who also got two votes despite only playing about five minutes this season before snapping his leg in half. It appears a few of Hayward's peers are confident he's going to have an amazing bounce-back second half.