NBA All-Star Weekend 2019: Some of the Rising Stars Challenge's best dunks in game devoid of defense

If you tuned into the Rising Stars Challenge for any semblance of defense, look away. There is nothing for you in this game. The game was the type of track-meet you'd expect from a bunch of first and second-year players, with a few guys trying to add content to their highlight reels.

The game featured dunks for days, with John Collins stealing the show. He appears to priming up for Saturday's dunk contest, so hopefully, he still has something left in the tank for Saturday and hasn't exhausted his creativity.

He made it look downright easy.

Marvin Bagley III, however, kind of forced Collins' hand. He had to outdo this.

While Ben Simmons, an All-Star in his own right, decided to show out a bit of his own.

Kyle Kuzma took home MVP, and he got in on the highlight reel.

And it came down to the wire against Jayson Tatum.

So sure, no defense was played whatsoever, but it's not like anyone expected anything different coming into this game. For the time being, we'll wait to see if the All Star Game is any different -- but don't count on it.

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