NBA Daily Picks: Fade the Knicks forever

Picks against the spread analysis for Wednesday, November 20th.

Monday results: DeMarcus Cousins missed a free throw up two. Making both with .8 seconds would have secured a 4-1 night. Instead, I settle for the 3-1-1 after the line moved after I made the pick (and I'm held responsible by my system for picks against whatever the line ends up being, not what they are when I pick them). I covered the Kings -2, I pushed on Kings -3. 

In other news, the Lock of the Night continues to be the biggest jinx known to man as the Wolves blew a double-digit lead on the road to the Wizards. 

Tuesday: 3-1-1 YTD: 82-73-5.



GAME: Pacers at Knicks 
FAVORITE: Pacers (-6)
PICK: Pacers

Fade the Knicks! Fade them all day! Fade them all day and night and day again! If New York was going to have the "get it right" game, doesn't it come against someone weak like Detroit, who they lead in the first half? Or the Bobcats? Or the Hawks? What are the odds their turnaround comes vs. the best team in the Eastern Conference?

You gotta fade the Knicks until they find their way to the surface from this sewer pool they're swimming in. 


GAME: Raptors at 76ers
 Raptors (-3.5)
PICK: Raptors

This is the kind of game that the Raptors slip on the banana peel for. This is the kind of game that the Sixers, who have fallen back into what they're supposed to be, get up for. I'm still not sure the Sixers are totally safe to fade. And I know the Raptors aren't safe to ride. They have retractable claws. 

Hey, Good Lookin'

GAME: Trail Blazers at Bucks
 Blazers (-4)
PICK: Blazers

Nope. Not ready to jump off the Blazers. They've been too good on this road trip, and the Bucks too bad. I'm hanging with Portland. 

I've Got a Bad Feeling About This

GAME: Rockets at Mavericks
 Mavericks (-3.5)

Dallas is 4-1 as a home favorite, Houston's on a back to back, this line's short. So why am I nervous? It just seems like Houston's starting to get things going and the Mavericks' defense isn't good enough to victimize the Rockets' tendency to lose their heads. 

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