NBA Daily Picks: Fringe Friday

Thursday results: I do not enjoy rivalry nights. Nailed the Knicks clobbering the Nets, then dropped both Heat (Wade a late scratch) and the Clippers (on a road back to back no less).

Thursday: 1-2 YTD: 142-113-6



Game: Raptors at Suns
 Suns (-4)
PICK: Suns

The Suns are tough as nails. They fight and they fight and they claw. The Raptors just gave up a 27-point lead and are on one of those hellish road trips that feels like it never ends. The Suns just walked into Houston and smacked the Rockets across the mouth. The Raptors just lost a 27-point lead to the Warriors. The Suns believe in what they're doing. The Raptors just lost a 27-point lead to the Warriors. 

Only thing giving me pause here is the chance the Raptors come out angry. But they have wing defenders to throw at Rudy Gay and DeMar DeRozan. They have guards to throw at Kyle Lowry. And they have guys that just make plays. 



GAME: Magic at Knicks 

FAVORITE: Knicks (-6)

Knicks on a back to back, but with some confidence after clocking the Nets. The Magic at home, but struggling. Injuries an issue for Orlando, but everything else and the Tyson Chandler injury an issue for Orlando. Don't like this one any you slice it. 

Hey, Good Lookin'

GAME: Thunder at Pelicans
 Thunder (-4)
PICK: Thunder

This one's weird. Low line, even on the road, for OKC vs. the Pelicans without Davis. The Pelicans have not been great at home, especially against good teams. I just think you have to ride with the Thunder here. OKC has matchup advantages at every position. 

I've Got a Bad Feeling About This

GAME: Buck at Wizards 
 Wizards (-10)

This sucker opened at Wizards -8 then bumped two more points. The Bucks are missing Ekpe Udoh, Zaza Pachulia, Caron Butler and Larry Sanders. But the Wizards are not exactly gangbusters. They've been better, but there's got to be a limit on how much better they can be without Bradley Beal. 10 points better than Milwaukee? Milwaukee is awfully bad...

Yeah, I don't like it. 

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