NBA Daily Picks: Tentative Tuesday starring the red-hot Wolves

Picks against the spread analysis for Monday, November 18th.

Monday results: Denver and Sixers covered on the road. Those two you could see coming. Memphis on a West Coast back-to-back? What are you gonna do?

Monday: 3-3 YTD: 79-72-4.



GAME: Wolves at Wizards 
FAVORITE: Wolves (-4.5)
PICK: Clippers

Minnesota is red hot right now, the Wizards lost to the Cavaliers. I'm not huge on on any of these games, this is as close as it gets. If the Wolves can't cover two possessions vs. Washington, all you can do is shrug and remember why betting on the NBA is difficult. 


GAME: Hawks at Heat
 Heat (-9.5)

Atlanta is 3-2 as an away underdog. The Heat are 2-4 as a home favorite. But do you trust the Hawks, even to keep it single digits? This is what I call a "stupid either way" game. You trust in Miami, the Hawks are going to sneak up and bite you on the rear. You put faith in Atlanta, Miami will destroy them and look at you like a girl you tried a bad pickup line on (or guy, I suppose, if guys ever look at women that way). "Really?"

Hey, Good Lookin'

GAME: Suns at Kings
 Kings (-2)
PICK: Kings

I don't like the Kings very often, but I like this matchup. They have the scoring to counter the Suns and the muscle inside to combat Markieff Morris. (#thingsIdidn'tanticipatesayingthisseason) 

I've Got a Bad Feeling About This

GAME: Celtics at Rockets
 Rockets (-10.5)
PICK: Rockets

This seems familiar. The Rockets should destroy an awful team. The Celtics should lay down and die on the road. I can already see this disaster coming a mile away. I'm hanging with the Rockets, but I'm giving them the side-eye. 

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