NBA Draft Buzz: Raptors looking to move in, Mavericks out of draft

The latest rumors headed into Thursday's NBA Draft. 

  • ESPN reports the Raptors are actively pursuing acquiring a draft pick through trade, even if it's a second-rounder. The Raptors traded their pick to Houston last offseason for Kyle Lowry, and Houston the shipped it to Oklahoma City through the Harden trade. The ideal situation would of course be to trade Andrea Bargnani for one, but that's not happening. The Raptors do have some mid-level players they could deal, though.
  • Lousville guard Peyton Siva has been making the rounds, doing a ton of workouts. But in Seattle for a private workout this week, he tweaked his ankle, and had to bail on a Portland workout. Siva is considered to be a second-round pick.
  • ESPN has the initial list of green room invites for the draft, and the winners are:
  • So no Shabazz Muhammad on that opening list, no Rudy Gobert, no Kelly Olynyk. Kind of interesting.
  • There's a random TV report floating out there about the Pelicans moving a future pick to the Mavericks, who are looking to dump theirs to clear cap space. The Pels would also get Shawn Marion. This one hasn't been confirmed by any of the heavy hitters, but it's worth keeping an eye on. 
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