Luka Doncic is expected to be one of the first names called during this year's NBA Draft. He has yet to officially declare for the draft. In fact, earlier in the week he said he was undecided about leaving the EuroLeague, but the assumption is that he will play in the NBA once he's been drafted. 

The reason Doncic has yet to confirm his plans to play in the NBA probably has to do with his obligations in the EuroLeague. His team, Real Madrid, has been in a title race. He wasn't going to add an unnecessary distraction to their goals of a championship by declaring his intentions to play in the NBA. He had to finish out his season first.

And what a finish it was for Doncic. Real Madrid became the champions of EuroLeague on Sunday with an 85-80 victory over Fenerbahce. The 19-year-old finished the championship game with 15 points, four assists and three rebounds and became the youngest player in EuroLeague history to be named EuroLeague Final Four MVP. Doncic was already named the youngest player to ever win EuroLeague MVP.

This is a huge accomplishment for Doncic. Not only did he lead a team to a championship, but he did so at a professional level in what many consider the second most challenging basketball league in the world outside of the NBA. 

If Doncic does come over to the United States next season, he'll fit right into the mold of a modern NBA player. He's listed as a point guard, but at 6-8 he has a size and length that should adapt well in the NBA. He also has a confidence level that should have fans salivating at the idea of him playing for their team.

Critics of Doncic question his athleticism and are concerned that he came up through Europe instead of the traditional NCAA route. However, what separates Doncic from the average European prospect is that he's able to lead a professional team to a championship at such a young age. He didn't just develop in Europe. He dominated Europe.