NBA Dunk Contest: Pat Connaughton clears Christian Yelich, imitates Billy Hoyle from 'White Men Can't Jump'

Pat Connaughton may not have won the Slam Dunk Contest, but he was certainly the most theatrical contestant in the field. As athletic as the former three-sport star is, in a crowded field featuring three other former Slam Dunk Contest entrants, he needed to get creative. 

He did just that. Turning back the clock to 1992, Connaughton came out for his first dunk dressed as Billy Hoyle from "White Men Can't Jump". Rather than Wesley Snipes as his teammate, Connaughton turned to another Milwaukee athlete, former National League MVP Christian Yelich, to give him the assist. 

Below is the dunk that Connaughton was attempting to imitate. 

The dunk itself was nearly identical to Hoyle's from the movie right down to hanging on the rim and swinging himself up. The one major difference came in the delivery of the ball. Hoyle dunked a pass from Snipe's character, whereas Connaughton took the ball from Yelich, who was standing still and holding it. Of course, the latter hardly would have been possible in an actual game with defenses, so the change made sense. 

Unfortunately, the judges gave the dunk only a 45, a decision that seemed odd at the moment but looked more than justified given the barrage of the 50s that would soon come. Connaughton was ultimately knocked out in the first round as Aaron Gordon and Derrick Jones Jr. advanced to a classic final. But Connaughton doesn't need a trophy to know what a memorable dunk he pulled off. 

Sam Quinn joined CBS sports as a basketball writer in 2019. Prior to that, he wrote for 247Sports and Bleacher Report. He is a New York native and NYU graduate who also has roots in Florida and California. Full Bio

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