NBA Fashion: Is Kobe Bryant borrowing LeBron James' clothes?

I was scouring the NBA's YouTube channel, as I typically do the day after games, and I came across a video with the headline "NBA Fashion: Kobe and LeBron."

Naturally, it caught my eye and I decided to click the video. I guess that's how SEO works afterall. What I saw was a video that appears to show LeBron James and Kobe Bryant wearing the same style T-shirt within the same week. LeBron wore this shirt during a press conference on April 23 and Kobe wore this shirt Sunday night during the Lakers' last game of the season. 

The shirt in question is a Givenchy green and paisley airplane print T-shirt. You can purchase one here for roughly $565, if you would like to jump past the jersey stage of fandom and want to start wearing the same casual clothes. The sizes range from small to medium to large to extra large on the site. This made me wonder how someone who is roughly 6-foot-8, 250 pounds is able to fit into a slim-fit XL T-shirt. Is someone who is 6-foot-6 and roughly 200 pounds even able to fit into the XL?

Were they customed made? Did LeBron wear the XL to stretch it out so Kobe could borrow it and not have it be uncomfortably tight on him?

The two shirts do look a little different with the pattern. I've been told on Twitter that it's the same style and brand of shirt, but they're different patterns because these Givenchy shirts are similar to ink blot tests. We can all assume that Russell Westbrook owns one, right?

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