NBA Finals Heat-Thunder Game 2 Video: The controversial ending to a classic Game 2

These are the moments that stick in people's minds. And this one is going to stick forever. 

With a five-point lead, the Heat faced a press from the Thunder. Wade managed to split the double-team and just as he was dishing to LeBron James, the ball was knocked loose. Turnover. Transition... but that was just the start of what happened.


OK, so let's start with the three.

Durant's cool-headedness to spot-up in transition on that play after the turnovers is just so indicative of how great he is mentally, even at this young age. To knock down that shot? Massive. Russell Westbrook will be the goat for three days as the media dissects Game 2. But he passed up an open look to find the best shooter in the league on the wing for a huge shot.

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James' dagger attempt? A bad shot, but he hits that, and it's over. It's done. The game is finished. He went for the kill and missed. That's what people rag on him for. He didn't pass. He took the shot. (James also nailed a huge pull-up jumper off-glass late in the game.)

The foul...

It was a foul. There's no questioning that. He makes enough contact with the body, even swiping down, to affect Durant's release. That's a huge play. They call it, they're deciding the game on a foul where he doesn't impact Durant's arms on the shot. They foul out the MVP in the final seconds of a Finals game, after gifiting Kevin Durant more minutes with a blown charge call against Shane Battier minutes before. It's a bad call. There will be bad calls on both sides. There were bad calls on both sides.

You either feel a foul is a foul, and you call it, or you feel that you let the players decide the game in that situation. And you won't change your mind no matter what anyone says. (Many of you will also feel one way if Kevin Durant is shooting that and another if LeBron James is. That's why sports is fun.)

In closing, LeBron's free throws? Clutch, if there is such a thing. We wanted him to step up and be aggressive, James took 73 percent of his shots at the rim in the game. We wanted him to hit the key free throws to ice the game. He landed them.

Heat and Thunder, tied at 1-1.

This is fun, is it not?
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