NBA Finals highlights: Steph Curry dribbles through LeBron for insane layup in Game 2

Stephen Curry got swatted by LeBron James in embarrassing fashion during the 2016 NBA Finals. It led to an infamous picture of James turning around and making a face at Curry that he would even attempt that in his presence. 

One year later and Curry found himself with James against him in an isolation. Curry could have settled for a 3-pointer and nobody would have thought anything of it, but he wanted payback for the year before. Curry dribbled around for a bit and displayed his incredible handles. Finally he had James where he wanted and drove by him and to the rim. James set himself up for a highlight block from behind, but Curry wasn't having it.

Take a moment to acknowledge how great this defense is from James the entire way. He contests Curry and forces him to dribble up most of the shot clock. Does he get beat? Yes, but that happens in most isolation sets in today's NBA. James is able to recover and still contest the shot, but Curry makes it anyways.

Write another chapter in the growing rivalry between these two. James got beat this round, but don't be surprised if he comes back and gets his on Curry in a future battle. 

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