There are people who love the NBA. There are people who love "Game of Thrones." There are people who love both. For the people who love both forms of entertainment, Sunday night is going to be a real tough choice for them. The ninth episode of this season of GoT is expected to be a doozy with an epic war happening. At the same time, we'll be right in the middle of Game 7 between the Golden State Warriors and the Cleveland Cavaliers as the championship for this season gets decided.

For the players in the game, they'll end up missing "Game of Thrones" on Sunday night. They can still watch it online after but spoilers will be everywhere. Kevin Love was asked about missing the highly-anticipated episode as he plays in Game 7. He joked that it will be tough but they've got some other things on their mind.

Luckily for everybody, they can watch the episode online after the game is over. If the Cavs win the championship, they'll probably be able to reconcile not seeing what happens on the show Sunday night and find time for it later in the week. If they lose Game 7, maybe watching it after will give them a little escape as they watch someone else (even if fictional) experience some pain and anguish.

Either way, no spoilers.

Will Kevin Love struggle to catch 'Game of Thrones' Sunday night win or lose? USATSI