LeBron James in the playoffs is almost always seen at the podium after games. The podium is where the media and players usually discuss postgame storylines. The term "podium game" was created for when obscure players have incredible playoff moments and get their spotlight on the podium. However, because LeBron is LeBron he will always have a spot reserved on the podium. Win or lose, the media wants to talk to him and he usually obliges.

Which is why it was odd, the night he tied Magic Johnson in career Finals triple-doubles, he chose to pass on the podium interview. Immediately the thought came to mind that it was related to the Cavaliers suffering their second straight blowout loss, but James said that was not the reason. He didn't clarify why he chose to pass on the podium interview, but Rachel Nichols and Brian Windhorst of ESPN seem to know why.

If it's true that James just doesn't enjoy how the podium interviews are scheduled then this does make sense. He did, after all, go through a scrum, instead of the podium, during media availability Saturday, which means this isn't anything new.