NBA Finals: So ... is Game 7 a must-win?

Being at the NBA Finals between the Miami Heat and San Antonio Spurs is an exhausting experience. The players are exhausted from a long season and the intensity of the series. The media is exhausted from constant travel, waiting, and asking the same questions over and over again. But what's most exhausted are the storylines and banal leading questions asked of these athletes over and over again.

Before Game 6, I noticed at every single scrum for a player, the question was asked, "Do you have to look at this game as a Game 7?" Royce Young said he wished someone would ask if Game 7 was a must win. So I did.

(Note: Apologies for the sideways manner of these Vines. You take a video, it has to be horizontal; you take a Vine, it has to be vertical. Technology eludes me, apparently.)

Matt Bonner just laughed and said, "That's a good one, much like my line about my playoff beard: 'It's really grown on me.'" (Wocka-wocka-wocka!)

Danny Green just smiled and said, "Yes. Every game is a must win but Game 7 is a must-win. It's the last game of the season." 

There you go, folks. 

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