NBA free agency 2019: Would Nets be better off with Kyrie Irving or D'Angelo Russell?

Kawhi Leonard isn't the only big name whose NBA future remains uncertain.

Kyrie Irving and D'Angelo Russell are among the best of other established stars set to hit the open market at the end of the month, and both have been heavily linked to New York -- Irving because he's expected to depart the Boston Celtics in earnest, and Russell not only because he plays for the Nets but because he could also be on the Knicks' radar.

On Monday's edition of "Kanell & Bell," guest hosts Tommy Tran and Tim Doyle discussed whether Irving or Russell makes more sense for the Nets, who could re-sign their 2017 trade acquisition or pursue a more accomplished veteran in Kyrie.

To Doyle, the answer is easy.

"If I had to pay between Kyrie Irving and D'Angelo Russell, in my eyes, it's not even close," he said. "I would go out there and pay D'Angelo Russell. I think he's the better long-term investment in a city like New York."

Russell, of course, has pledged his affections for the Big Apple. And while Irving has a championship under his belt, Doyle thinks there's more to the package with Kyrie -- and not in a favorable way.

"I know guys that play with Kyrie Irving in the offseason, I know guys that have played on his roster in the NBA," he said. "He's not easy to play with because hes' so ball-dominant ... D'Angelo Russell [also] still has that chip on his shoulder."

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