J.J. Redick will not be returning to the Clippers this offsesaon. They don't want to pay Redick the money he's asking for, and there's potential that Los Angeles could blow up its entire team at any moment. This makes Redick one of the most highly touted guards on the market.

One of the places Redick could reportedly end up is where former teammate Chris Paul just got traded to: Houston. So far, Redick has only been linked to bad teams with money to burn like the Nets and Sixers. Now, the Rockets are potentially in the mix for Redick. If Houton can meet Redick's price point then he might be willing to sign there.

Redick in Houston would be an interesting decision on his part. The Rockets already have James Harden and Eric Gordon, making his role with the Rockets potentially much smaller than he's used to. However, his 3-point shooting ability would fit well in a Mike D'Antoni offense and he'd be able to play with Chris Paul again. 

Redick is a good enough player to be a starter on the majority of NBA teams. It's weird he's looking at teams that either aren't near title contention or already have shooting guards. Still, maybe there's more to this than just money and playing time. Whatever the reasoning, Redick will be a great fit for anybody who signs him.