NBA free agency rumors: Klay Thompson could have interest in Clippers if the Warriors don't give him a max deal

The Golden State Warriors are up 2-1 on the Houston Rockets in their second-round series, and appear to have a strong chance at capturing the NBA title for the third straight season. But regardless of what happens in the playoffs, they're going to have some interesting decisions to make in the summer. 

Three key players -- Kevin Durant, Klay Thompson and DeMarcus Cousins -- will all be free agents this summer, and it seems as though the Warriors as we've known them over the past few seasons will be no more. According to a report from Adrian Wojnarowski on ESPN's "Get Up," on Monday morning, the franchise is preparing for "seismic change" during the summer. 

While he didn't go into detail on Durant besides pointing out the obvious fact that the Warriors want to re-sign him, Wojnarowski did offer some interesting insight into a potential destination for Thompson. If the Warriors don't offer him the max, Thompson could look to join the Los Angeles Clippers. Via ESPN:

"If they come with a five-year, $190 million max deal for Klay Thompson, that's done on July 1. He's going into the new building with Steph Curry. If they try to do anything less than that, you can expect Klay Thompson to be out in free agency. Watch not for the Lakers then, but the Clippers."

Now, the most likely outcome here is the Warriors offer Thompson the max and he sticks around to continue his dynamic partnership with Steph Curry. The Warriors are opening an expensive new building next season and there's a good chance Durant leaves in the summer. At least from the outside, it would seem reckless for the Warriors to risk losing Thompson as well. 

Still, it's interesting that in a scenario where the Warriors don't offer him the max, Thompson's first choice would be the Clippers. That shows not only how little interest stars have in playing with LeBron James and the Lakers, but how strong the Clippers' reputation is around the league. Take from it what you will, but even Thompson's father, Mychal, spent Monday afternoon praising the Clippers on Twitter. 

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