The Mavericks are never a team that sits quietly during free agency. Dallas always uses the summer to try and re-tool its roster and hopefully make another run at the playoffs. Sometimes the Mavs' signings hit, and other times they miss hard. Last summer is a good example of this with Harrison Barnes turning out to be a quality piece, but Andrew Bogut ending up as a disaster that had to be traded mid-season.

This offseason, the Mavericks will be back at it again, and reportedly their eyes are set on Pelicans guard Jrue Holiday and his brother Justin Holiday. The two Holidays have had very different career paths with Justin bouncing around the NBA while Jrue has been a consistent starter for both New Orleans and Philadelphia. 

Last year was really the first time that Justin Holiday had time to showcase himself to the NBA. Despite being on a bad Knicks team, he played all 82 games and proved he can be a solid role player. Considering the money that role players are making at the moment, this could be the first big payday of his NBA career.

Jrue Holiday, on the other hand, has had a rough time in New Orleans. An All-Star in Philadelphia, Holiday has battled injuries since he was traded. However, last year was his healthiest with the team and they were better with him on the floor as compared to off of it. The Pelicans have always been a better team with Holiday playing. New Orleans can also offer him the most money.

The Mavericks are likely going to swing hard for Jrue Holiday. When healthy, he's one of the NBA's better guards and there is still All-Star potential in him. The question will be how much money it takes to pull him away from a Pelicans team that can offer him more.