NBA Free Agency: Veteran David West, Warriors agree to one-year deal

When David West signed with the Golden State Warriors, he did so because he wanted to win a championship. He did that, of course, playing a bit role off the bench to help the Warriors reclaim the title from the Cleveland Cavaliers. 

And with the Warriors favorites to win it all again next season, West has decided he'd like to be along for that ride as well, hoping he can give another victory speech like this one: 

According to a report from David Aldridge, West has agreed to a one-year deal with the Warriors, and plans to retire once the season is over. 

West will be 37 by the time next season starts, but in short spurts he can still be effective, as he showed during the Warriors' playoff run, and will once again bring toughness and veteran leadership to the table. 

No one, save for opposing teams, is going to be upset that David West will be back in the Golden State locker room.

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