NBA highlights: Pacers' Domantas Sabonis gives Joel Embiid a taste of his own medicine with poster dunk

It will be interesting to see what Philadelphia 76ers big man Joel Embiid posts on Instagram or Twitter after Wednesday night's game against the Pacers. That's because instead being the one destroying an opponent on the court, he had to taste a little of his own medicine, courtesy of Domantas Sabonis

Late in the third quarter, the Pacers big man set a screen for Victor Oladipo at the top of the key, then began rolling to the basket. Oladipo hit him with a pocket pass at the free throw line right as Sabonis was diving. Catching the ball on the move, Sabonis didn't even have to put it back on the floor before launching himself towards the rim. 

Embiid was right there, but it didn't matter, as Sabonis flew right through him to flush home a thunderous lefty jam. 

Nasty. Let's watch it again from all angles.

Did Sabonis get some help from his off arm? Eh, possibly. Does it matter? Absolutely not. This dunk was far too cool to worry about whether it could or should have been an offensive foul. 

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